Is Your Preschooler Struggling with Fine Motor Skills?

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  January is Kindergarten Registration Month for most schools.  Here is a quick checklist of things your child should know how to do when they start Kindergarten. Uses a correct and efficient pencil grip for  writing Stabilizes paper with non‐writing hand  while drawing and writing Begins to form printed letters and  numbers using proper strokes Holds scissors properly and can follow a  line Independently ties shoelaces Squeezes wet sponges, a glue bottle or [...]

Social Skills

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Does your child... Lack at least one or two close mutual friends? Have trouble winning or losing gracefully? Not show empathy when others are hurt or rejected? Act bossy or insist on their own way a lot? Seem to not [...]

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

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So, your child is old enough for kindergarten….but are they ready? This is a big transition for you and your child, and there is more to being ready for kindergarten than simply chronological age. Additionally, it is also not simply [...]

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