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What is Integrated Listening Systems?

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Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) is a multi-sensory approach to improving brain function. This program effectively re-trains the parts of the brain involved in learning, communication, and movement. The idea that our brains can change from a response to stimulation, is known as neuroplasticity. A child receiving the therapy simply listens to specialized music while engaging in a variety of activities. This approach is customizable to different ages and levels.

Play2Learn in St. Louis is also able to provide an interactive language program to our clients to help children and adults improve auditory processing skills such as phonemic awareness, auditory memory, auditory figure ground, and dichotic listening skills.


Why do we use Listening programs?

We feel our clients make quicker progress and make greater gains when combining listening with our pediatric therapy services. The program has helped so many of our clients succeed. Through research and treatment strategies, we find that adding a listening program to a child’s life will help a child show improvements with learning challenges—specifically reading, writing, and cognitive skills. Through listening to specific modulated classical music, new pathways are developed that help with concentration, memory, balance, and coordination skills.

“We feel that listening programs are such a powerful treatment technique that we offer both clinic-based and/or home-based listening programs.”
– Marla Shyken

The Play2Learn team is trained in three listening programs, The Listening Program, Therapeutic Listening, and Integrated Listening Systems. We specialize in using the iLs program.

Who can benefit from listening therapy?

Children dealing with learning challenges can benefit from listening therapy. If a child is struggling with ADD, ADHD, developmental disability, or a number of other issues related to brain development, listening therapy is a beneficial therapy. Listening programs have been noted to help kids with sensory processing disorders, autism, Down Syndrome, and kids who were born prematurely. Adding listening programs to pediatric therapy for those who have auditory processing needs, or speech and language deficits, brings therapy to a new level of effectiveness. At Play2Learn in St. Louis, we have been able to obtain phenomenal results through pediatric listening therapy.

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