Occupational Therapy

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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy assists children in developing and acquiring the skills needed for daily living activities, school, and home. Pediatric occupational therapy helps children who may be at risk for developmental delays such as motor development, learning, and behavioral health, to improve basic sensory awareness, and motor skills. Through occupational therapy your child will cultivate improved self-concept, and confidence.

 How do you know if your child might benefit from services?

The “job” or “occupation” of a child is to play in order to develop physical coordination, emotional maturity, social skills, and the self-confidence to try new things and explore new environments. Pediatric Occupational Therapists help children navigate through these essential tasks with ease and efficiency.

Play2Learn will evaluate your child’s motor coordination, visual perception visual-motor coordination, muscle strength, balance, and self-care and play skills to determine if any of these areas need intervention. 

Skills that can be improved upon by Pediatric Occupational Therapy include, but are not limited to:

-Body awareness (proprioceptive sense)

-Fine motor skills

-Motor planning

-Visuals perception skills

-Ocular movements

-Muscle tone or strength



-Gross motor skills

-Bilateral motor coordination


Upon your initial visit, our expert therapists at Play2Learn, will evaluate your child to assess possible needs. If the child had an evaluation within the last year, another assessment won’t be necessary. During the assessment, our therapist will use clinical observations or standardized testing, to determine if your child will benefit from our therapy services.

We apply occupational therapy principles to help children who have developmental delays, sensory processing disorders, autism, or other developmental disabilities.

Prior to your visit, please check with your insurance company to see if occupational therapy is covered under your policy. We will also check with your insurance company, but cannot guarantee therapy services will be covered. It is possible that your insurance will require a doctor’s referral for our therapy services.

Parental Involvement with Therapy Services

At Play2Learn in St. Louis, we strongly encourage parental involvement. We want your child to obtain the best results possible from their therapy services. In order for this to happen, parents need to reinforce some of the exercises and habits we work on during occupational therapy. It is critical to your child’s success that you understand how, and why the therapist is doing what they are doing. This is especially essential with sensory integration.

We welcome any questions, or concerns you have with your child’s development. Our goal is to work with our parents as a team, so that your child can conquer any obstacles holding them back. Our therapy services are designed individually for each child to ensure that they can function at their optimal potential. We look forward to welcoming you, and your child, to the Play2Learn family!