Easy Indoor Obstacle Course


What do you do when your child needs lots of movement and sensory input, but the weather doesn’t allow for a playground trip?  An indoor obstacle course!  Your course doesn’t have to be complicated or involve lots of equipment.  We have even made one using only sidewalk chalk!  They are a great way to incorporate proprioception into play.


This obstacle course (for my two year-old) starts with a tunnel, then jumping over the foam roller, bouncing on the trampoline then leaping over the scarf (loosely tied onto two chairs).


Some other great ideas for at home obstacle courses include:

-Hopscotch drawn with chalk or tape

-Mini trampoline jumps/spins

-Crawling under small tables

-Jumping from cushion to cushion on the floor

-Hopping over a roller or scarf

-Rolling like a log

-Walking on a “balance beam” (tape on the floor)

-Animal walks (snake, bear, crab)

-Beanbag target throw


Kids are great at adding on new obstacles once they have a basic course.  It’s a great way to work on OT goals throughout the week.  What are some obstacles you have made in your home?

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